We're so excited to share that Pin titles are primed to hit Pinterest soon!

How soon, we can't say for sure. But while we wait, we thought we would get all of you and Tasty Pins ready for the release. 

What is a Pinterest title?

A Pinterest title is just what you would expect: a short and concise description of what your pin is all about, all without the weight of lengthy descriptions and hashtags. Pinterest wants users to be able to find the most relevant search result at first glance. No more combing through rambling descriptions to make sure a recipe is really Paleo. 

Note: Pinterest is still in the process of rolling out support for Pinterest titles. This latest update to Tasty Pins is to optimize compatibility for Pinterest titles in the future and to provide compatibility with current features in Tailwind.

Do I still need Pinterest descriptions?

Yes! Absolutely. Those descriptions and hashtags are still working hard behind the scenes, but they just won't be front and center for users. You can still see all of your full descriptions when a Pin is expanded. Until we hear otherwise, keep up the hashtags!

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How do Pinterest titles work?

Pinterest titles are a great way to focus on the keywords in your title. In addition, Pinterest titles are limited to 100 characters. But a word of caution: focus on the first 30-50. While you have 100 characters at your beck and call, Pinterest users will only see about 30-50 of those characters without expanding a Pin to learn more. Keep those titles SEO-friendly and relevant to what users will find when they click through to your post for optimum results in Pinterest. 

Here's what Pinterest has to say about titles:

Enter up to 100 characters. Depending on the device, the first 40 characters may show in people’s feeds. When entered, titles will appear in the home feed or search feed. If a title is not entered and no Rich Pin title exists, nothing will show in its place in the home feed.


Long story short: 100 characters for SEO, 30 for display. 

How do Pinterest titles work with Tasty Pins?

With Tasty Pins, we’ve added a new field where you can add the title you want, and in turn, that title will be pulled into new Pins for scheduling with Pinterest and Tailwind. You'll find it just above your Pinterest description, in both the media library and block editor.

Pinterest Titles with Tasty Pins

What if I’m using Tailwind and Tasty Pins?

Tailwind is leading the charge on Pinterest titles and we’ve maximized compatibility with the Tailwind extension for easy scheduling of Pins. 

What happens to my old Pins?

Pinterest is taking care of this for us! Thank goodness. Pinterest will be pulling in post titles and/or descriptions to populate the title field for all our old posts leaving you to focus on new content.

That being said, we would also suggest taking the time to identify your top Pins and double-checking (ahem… triple-checking) that the Pinterest titles being pulled in by both Pinterest and Tailwind are accurate. Always better to be safe than sorry!

It's always a little scary when Pinterest switches things up but hopefully, this article will help you keep your cool. Just spend a little extra time on titles, keep adding those great descriptions like always and you should be good to go!

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