Whether you're whipping up yummy recipes or showing off your artistic flair, you need to be savvy with Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It's the perfect way to get more likes, shares, and traffic to your site.

But how do you do that?

Well, take a seat because I'm spilling 14 easy-to-follow tips to improve your SEO on Pinterest. This is your friendly guide to pinning your way to popularity.

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Now, let's get started.

Pinterest SEO: what it is and why it's a big deal

First, let's tackle a burning question: Is Pinterest good for SEO?


It isn't just any social media platform. Pinterest is a visual search engine. So it's about more than just images. It's about creating Pins that lead somewhere that's useful to your audience.

Why's that? Because Pinterest is full of users (over 400 million of them) who are ready to make moves!

And similarly to Google, SEO on Pinterest plays a big part in your site's ranking in search results. And that impacts your visibility and organic traffic!

So how do you maximize Pinterest SEO?

Well, SEO on Pinterest is about using the right keywords in your pin titles and descriptions. You also need to organize your boards and create eye-catching images.

But why is it a big deal? Well, good Pinterest SEO sticks your content right where users are searching. And Pinterest users are there to discover, plan, and buy.

So, remember: Effective Pinterest SEO drives traffic and connects you to an engaged audience. Plus, it increases your Pinterest pins' lifespans to get more views over time.

Now, let's get to the tips!

14 Pinterest SEO Tips

1. Start with or switch to a business account

Create a business account on Pinterest

Kickstart your Pinterest SEO strategy with a business account.

Whether you create a new Pinterest account or switch over your personal account, a Pinterest business account is crucial.

Here's why it's important for Pinterest SEO:

  • Rich pins: These pins are next level! They add details like pricing and availability, ingredients, cook time, and more.
  • Analytics: Pinterest's analytics tools give all the info you need into audience behavior, engagement rates, and overall pin performance.
  • Ads and promoted pins: Having the ability to promote your pins with targeted ads means reaching a wider crowd and driving traffic to your website.

2. Claim and connect your website

Claim your website on Pinterest

Next (and probably a more obvious tip): Connect your website to Pinterest!

Do this by claiming your site. It's important to claim your site so your brand name shows on every Pin people create from your site.

Besides that, it's a smart move because it:

  • Links your site and Pinterest profile
  • Builds trust by adding credibility to your profile
  • Simplifies how users find and interact with your stuff on Pinterest
  • Directly leads more visitors to your website

3. Do keyword research

Pinterest Keyword Research

Keywords are important for Pinterest SEO because they're what people type in and are searching for! Nailing your Pinterest keyword research is all about exploring and observing.

Start by exploring Pinterest. Use the search bar to find topics related to your niche. Think of it as a built-in keyword research tool!

Keep an eye on the suggested search terms that pop up. These are relevant keywords you don't want to miss!

You can also analyze what's trending. Look at the top pins and see what keywords they use. Check out their titles, pin descriptions, and hashtags. This way, you know what users are looking for!

If you already have some pins, check their analytics!

See which are doing well and which aren't. Take notes, and do more of what works to get more saves.

4. Post rich pins

Enable Rich Pins

Rich Pins automatically sync information from your site to your Pins. This makes them more informative and searchable! That way, people learn more about your products or ideas.

Let me give you some info on the different types of Rich Pins and why they're good for Pinterest SEO:

  • Article Rich Pins: Great for blog posts. They display crucial details, helping your content stand out.
  • Recipe Rich Pins: For food bloggers, these Pins showcase recipe details. This makes them more mouthwatering and likely to be saved or repinned to Pinterest.
  • Product Rich Pins: A must-have for sellers. They keep product information up-to-date, improving user experience and trustworthiness.
Rich Pin details

And here's a hack for fellow food bloggers: Tasty Recipes (WP Tasty's WordPress recipe plugin) makes your Recipe Rich Pins automatic! Seriously, they make it so easy to pin recipes to Pinterest.

5. Optimize your Pinterest profile

Your Pinterest profile is like the front door to your brand on Pinterest. So, making it SEO-friendly is key to drawing more traffic from Pinterest.

Optimize your Pinterest profile

Let's look at what to optimize and how:

  • Profile name and description: Start with your profile name and description. Use keywords that describe your niche and what your audience is searching for. If you're a food blogger specializing in vegan recipes, use terms like vegan, plant-based, or healthy eating.
  • Profile photo: Choose a clear, recognizable photo. Think logo or a headshot! People love clean and professional.
  • About section: Use the About section to tell your story. Don't forget relevant keywords. This section should reflect your brand’s personality and what you offer!
  • Stay consistent: Connect your style across your profile and pins.

6. Create relevant, click-worthy Pinterest boards

Optimize your Pinterest boards

Creating boards that draw in users and please the Pinterest algorithm is an art. And if you do it right, it boosts discoverability and attracts relevant followers.

Here's how to make your boards irresistible:

  • Relevant Topics: Stick with themes that match your content or niche. This helps Pinterest put the right eyes on your boards.
  • Keyword-rich titles: Think like your audience. Use titles with easy-to-find terms, such as Easy No-Bake Dinners.
  • Clear board descriptions: Meaningful descriptions with keywords give Pinterest a clear idea of what your board is about. This improves visibility in search results.
  • Use appealing cover images: First impressions matter! Choose visually appealing covers that reflect the theme of your board to draw users in.

7. Use top-notch images and videos

An example showing clear, crisp Pinterest images

It's important to make every pin pop with eye-catching visuals! High-quality images and videos are superstars. They captivate viewers at first glance.

Here are a few tips for creating scroll-stopping images:

  • Prioritize quality: Crisp, clear visuals grab attention.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Beautiful, relevant photos lead to more saves and shares.
  • Strive to be better: Work on upping your photography skills. For food bloggers, I have some excellent food photography tips!

8. Follow the suggested image and video sizes

Type of Pinterest imageAspect RatioImage Size (Px)File Type
Standard image2:31000 x 1500.PNG or .jpeg
Square image1:11000 x 1000.PNG or .jpeg
Video pin1:1, 2:3, 4:5, 9:161000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500,
1080 x 1350,
1080 × 1920
.MP4, .MOV,
or .M4V
Carousel pin (Carousel ads)1:1 or 2:31000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500
.PNG or .jpeg
Collections pin (Collections ads)1:1 or 2:31000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500
.PNG or .jpeg
Story pin9:16 (the same as
an Instagram story)
1080 × 1920.PNG, .jpeg, .MP4,
.MOV, or .M4V
Profile picture1:1280 x 280.PNG or .jpeg
Board cover photo1:1600 x 600,
1000 x 1000
Image chosen
from pin board
Profile cover (Banner photo)16:9800 x 450.PNG or .jpeg

Size matters with Pinterest SEO! Using the right image and video sizes makes your content look its best and fit screens across all devices perfectly.

The standard Pinterest pin size for images and videos is a 2:3 aspect ratio (1,000 x 1,500 px). This is a good go-to. But that does change a little based on what you're creating.

Keep in mind: Pinterest's preferences change from time to time, but I stay updated on the latest Pinterest pin sizes.

9. Write engaging descriptions for your pins

Pinterest titles and descriptions are important for better SEO on Pinterest.

Once you've hooked someone with your image, your pin descriptions are your chance to shine! They inform your audience and get them interested in your content.

From here, you want them to save your pin or go to your site. Or both!

Want to increase your chances of that happening? Try this:

  • Tell a story: Briefly narrate what your pin is about.
  • Use keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords naturally.
  • Add a call to action: Encourage pinners to click, read more, or save.

10. Keep Pinterest's best practices in mind

Pinterest’s Best Practices for Pins

By following Pinterest Best Practices, you can maximize your impact on Pinterest and increase the chances of people finding your pins.

Here are a few things I've learned:

  • Consistent branding matters: This goes for pins and boards! Do something unique to make your pins pop. That way, you stand out and get remembered.
  • Create engaging content: Your pins are telling mini-stories! They should inspire a smile, spark an idea, or offer a handy tip. Make your audience eager to see what's next!
  • Post fresh content on the reg: Fresh content keeps your followers hooked and tells Pinterest to keep you on the map. Tailwind is a super hand tool for scheduling your Pins. You can also use Pinterest’s built-in scheduling tool as a free option for getting your pins prepped ahead of time.

11. Add Pinterest follow and save buttons to your website

YouTube video

Tasty Pins makes using Pinterest for blogging a breeze. With our plugin, your images become pin-worthy, SEO-optimized masterpieces. And it makes it so easy for your audience to save and share your posts.

That's why Tasty Pins is the best WordPress Pinterest plugin. It's so useful for content creators in any niche!

It has the best features for connecting your site and Pinterest. Here are the ones I love:

12. Promote your best pins with ads

Promote your best pins with ads for better Pinterest SEO

Amplify your reach! Turn your top-performing organic pins into ads to get more views and engage a wider audience.

Here's the 4-1-1 on how:

  • Try targeted demographics: Pinpoint your audience by age, gender, location, and language.
  • Do interest-based reach: Show your pins to users interested in your specific topics, like recipes or home decor.
  • Aim for keyword-driven results: Show up in searches and related pins by targeting specific search terms.

13. Join a Pinterest group board

Join a Pinterest group board

Experience the power of community with Pinterest group boards! They're a perfect way to expand your reach and connect with others just like you!

Here's why I suggest joining a group board:

  • More eyes on your content: Your pins get seen by your followers and the followers of every contributor.
  • Active engagement: Group boards thrive on activity. With multiple contributors sharing and repinning content, your pins get more exposure.
  • Networking and collaboration: Group boards are an opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers in your niche. It's a chance to collaborate, cross-promote, and build relationships.

14. Stand out from other brands

Join the Verified Merchant Program

Join the Verified Merchant Program to show that your business was vetted by the Pinterest team.

You also get access to these exclusive benefits:

  • More credibility: The verified badge adds a layer of trust. And that makes your profile more appealing.
  • Greater visibility: Verified merchants often get higher visibility in Pinterest searches and recommendations.
  • Exclusive features: Get access to unique features and analytics.

The Verified Merchant Program is available to eligible merchants. Please check Pinterest’s full list of requirements to see if this is a match for you.

Ready to boost your Pinterest SEO?

I hope these Pinterest SEO tips have helped and inspired you to take your Pinterest presence to new heights.

Pinterest SEO checklist

And remember, for an extra boost and to reach an even wider audience on Pinterest, don't hesitate to grab Tasty Pins!

As you continue your Pinterest marketing journey, remember that WP Tasty is always here to help.

Whether it’s questions about affiliate marketing, exploring new blogging strategies, or WordPress plugins, the team is dedicated to helping you succeed every step of the way!