Using Tasty Recipes

How to add names to instruction steps for Guided Recipes

Interested in adding the instruction step ‘name’ field for Guided Recipes? It’s as easy as bolding your text!

How do I add step-by-step videos and images to my recipe card?

A Tasty Recipes tutorial for adding instructional images and videos to the recipe card.

How do I switch over to another recipe card template?

Tasty Recipes comes with 5 templates for you to choose from—learn more about how to switch to a new one here!

How do I add recipe equipment to my recipe cards?

Learn how to showcase the tools and equipment you use in your recipes with the Tasty Links Equipment integration.

How do I use the Author Link functionality?

Learn how to set a default author link and use the per-recipe override.

What is the best way to write out my Ingredients?

Learn how to optimize your Ingredients list to ensure they're scalable.

How do I add the affiliate attribution to my recipe cards?

Learn how to earn money with the WP Tasty affiliate program by adding affiliate attribution to your recipe cards.

Jump, Print, and Review Quick Links

Learn more about how to activate the Jump and Print Recipe buttons.

How do I prevent structured data from being included on a certain recipe?

If you use Tasty Recipes to publish non-human-edible "recipes," learn how to prevent structured data from being included.

What do I put in the Cuisine, Category, and Method fields?

Learn what to put in the Cuisine, Category, and Method fields.