Not sure how to get more saves on Pinterest?

You're not alone.

In the world of Pinterest marketing, the number of saves your pins get impacts who and how many people see them. Saves are a key factor in the Pinterest algorithm, telling it that your content relates to users and deserves to be seen!

Making attractive text overlays, adding strong calls to action, or using tools like the Pinterest trends tool are a few ways to improve your presence on Pinterest.

Want to know more? Our guide is packed with easy, tested tips to help you get more saves on Pinterest.

Let's make your Pinterest game stronger than ever!

How to get more saves on Pinterest

A Pinterest save is when someone bookmarks your pin to one of their boards to come back to later.

Saves are a big deal to the Pinterest algorithm! They signal that people find your content useful.

Each save is a user saying, “This is awesome. Show me more like this.” This means your pin doesn’t just get a moment of fame. When your pins get saved, Pinterest shows them to even more people, boosting your visibility and success!

So, more saves equals a stronger presence on Pinterest. And that's exactly what we're going to help you achieve.

Read on for our top tips on crafting pins that people can't wait to save!

1. Choose an eye-catching image

A great image can make the difference between a glance and a save.

High-quality images are the cornerstone of any pin. High-resolution, vibrant photos draw pinners to save your pin. So, choose relevant and eye-catching images.

How to get more saves on Pinterest? Use eye catching Pinterest images like these examples.

While a picture speaks a thousand words, an effective text overlay amplifies your message. Use easy-to-read fonts with clear language to get the point of your pin across.

The goal is to complement your image with text that engages viewers and encourages them to save and explore further.

But wait…what if we told you we have a secret weapon for making every image Pinterest-perfect?

We do, and it's called Tasty Pins! Tasty Pins is perfect for any WordPress website connected to Pinterest.

It lets you to add images just for Pinterest directly into your blog posts. You can hide them too! This means you can choose the best images without messing up your blog's visual flow.

2. Encourage engagement with calls to action

The secret to getting more views and saves on Pinterest lies in a smart call to action (CTA).

A CTA is like a friendly nudge on what to do next – in this case, to save your pin.

Turn casual browsers into active savers on Pinterest with these CTA strategies:

  • Craft your CTA: Start simple. Use phrases like “Save this for later!” or “Pin this idea!”
  • Where to put your CTA: Put your CTA in an easy-to-see spot. Try directly on the pin image or in the description. Make sure it goes naturally with your content and invites users to engage without too much pressure.
  • Test and adapt: Use Pinterest analytics to see which CTAs work best. Maybe your audience responds better to certain words or phrases. Don’t be afraid to change things based on what you learn.

And here's another Tasty trick: Increase clicks on Pinterest with Tasty Pins' Pinterest banner! It adds a cool call-to-action right on your first image and highlights the ‘save button,' making it irresistible for pinners.

Tasty Pin's Pinterest banner is the best call to action to add to your Pinterest image on your blog.

Plus, setting up is a breeze, and you can customize it to match your style.

3. Post all types of pins

Mixing up your pin types can really boost your profile's appeal.

But how do you do that?

Create content with variety! Use static pins for your basic visuals, but feel free to change things up with video pins to see what your audience likes. Think YouTube tutorials or quick DIY clips! And remember to add infographics for quick, informative tips.

4. Be consistent

When it comes to Pinterest, regular care and updates keep it growing.

Posting on the reg shows your followers and Pinterest that you're a reliable source of fresh content.

Don't let your older pins gather dust, either! Go back and take a look at them. Then, make updates based on what's been working and what hasn't.

Refreshing old pins gives them new life. They get another chance to draw attention while keeping your Pinterest profile up to date, too!

5. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in pin titles and descriptions

SEO on Pinterest? Absolutely, and it’s easier than you think!

Imagine you're showcasing a “DIY kitchen remodel.”

Start by weaving keywords like “DIY kitchen remodel ideas” into your pin's title and description. It's like setting up the perfect toolbox for Pinterest to find and highlight your project.

Your pin description is your showpiece.

Get creative, but stay informative. Try something like, “Discover our step-by-step guide to a DIY kitchen remodel. Great ideas for homeowners on a budget!” It's catchy, full of helpful tips, and rich with keywords.

How to use SEO in pin titles and descriptions when creating pins on Pinterest

And don't forget about Rich Pins! They add details to your pin, making your DIY tutorials or product suggestions even better and more easily found.

Don’t just stop there! Add a little SEO magic to your Pinterest profile and board titles, too. If DIY kitchen makeovers are your jam, let it shine through in every word.

And guess what? Tasty Pins simplifies this, too!

6. Build a community

Building a community on Pinterest isn't just about sharing pins. You need to make connections, too.

So, how do you get a more engaged audience on Pinterest?

By engaging back! Reply to comments on your pins. It shows you're not just a pinning machine but a real person who enjoys getting to know your audience!

Remember to reach out and connect with other pinners, too. Follow their Pinterest boards. Save and comment on their pins. Show them some love so they know you're a supporter! You may even gain a few Pinterest followers in return!

Creating group boards is also a great move. It brings together different ideas with a common passion.

By networking, you're creating an engaged community that shares your love for your niche!

Stay in the loop with what's hot on Pinterest!

Remember how ‘idea pins' were once all the rage?

Well, a trendy pin here and there keeps your profile fresh and fabulous! Whether it’s the color of the year or a viral DIY project, riding the trend wave shows your audience you’re right there with them.

Use the Pinterest search feature or scroll through popular categories. And see what’s buzzing on your home feed.

screen shot of Pinterest Trends page

Add these trends to your boards, and your Pinterest pins will pop off!

8. Analyze and adapt

Using stats and data to understand your audience's likes is important to Pinterest success.

Not a data analysis professional? No worries.

Here's how to make it easier:

  • Analytics: Head over to Pinterest Analytics to find out which pins are a hit/generating the most clicks.
  • Website visits: Use Google Analytics to see which pins lead people to your blog or website.
  • Tweak your plan: Once you know what's working, do more of it! If some pins aren't performing well, it's time to try something new.

What's your Pinterest master plan?

Ready to take your Pinterest to the next level?

You've got all the inside tips and tricks now, but there's more. To give your strategy an extra boost, download Tasty Pins. It transforms your Pinterest game, making your pins more attractive and SEO-smart.

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And we’d love to hear from you! After you’ve tried out these tips and WP Tasty’s tools, swing by and share your experiences or success stories in the comments.

Your journey could be the guiding light for fellow pinners!