Stop pinning right now and listen up! If you haven’t converted your Pinterest account to a business account yet, do it now. It only takes a couple of minutes and it will provide you with so many more resources to help you level up your blogging Pinterest game.

Now, if you are just a casual Pinterest user looking for ideas, feel free to keep your personal account. BUT, if you are a blogger (aka YOU!) and you want to be able to access useful information about your Pinterest account, the business account is the way to go!

There are several key benefits that come with a business account.

1. Increase brand authority

A business account allows a few extra features to be displayed on your profile including a header that shows off your own branded pins (the profile cover), a verified website, and your total number of monthly viewers. These simple features alone can really be useful in establishing your authority as a blogger.

2. Access to rich pins

With a business account, you will have access to rich pins.

Rich pins show additional information about the page you are linking to (i.e. your recipe’s ingredients, cooking time, and serving size.) This is a great way to entice viewers to check out your recipe!

For more details on adding Rich Pins, check out my rich Pin ultimate guide!

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3. Access to analytics

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to your analytics! Access to your analytics is perhaps one of the biggest perks of having a business account. Your analytics will give you an understanding of which of your pins and boards are performing the best. Hint: These top-performing pins are worth replicating with the hope that they will achieve similar success!

For more on Pinterest Analytics, check out this post: Pinterest Analytics Basics

4. Run ads and promoted pins

Are you looking to get even more “eyes” on your pins? Paid ads and promoted pins could be a useful tool! If you are interested in a paid strategy, we recommend experimenting by spending a couple of dollars a month to see if your pins are able to gain some good traction.

Ready to get started with a business account? Here’s how easy it is to make the switch!

If you are already using a Personal Pinterest account you’ll want to start by logging into your profile. Next, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and click on “Convert to business.”

On the next page click on “Convert account.”

After you complete those two easy steps, you will now have access to all of the Pinterest for Business profile features. It’s as easy as “pie!” ?

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