We've got some exciting news to share today: Simple Recipe Pro is merging into WP Tasty!

The Simple Recipe Pro team has worked long and hard to create a really awesome recipe plugin for their customers. Their main goal with Simple Recipe Pro was to provide a stellar customer experience, and we've personally experienced this from them.

Though they loved working with their recipe customers, the Simple Recipe Pro team reached a point where it made the most sense for them to combine efforts with another plugin to better serve their customers.

They decided it was best to merge their customers with another existing plugin, and we're so honored that they thought of us. Their top priority in this merge was that their customers were taken care of and in great hands, and we're really happy to say that we're able to provide that. As part of the acquisition the Simple Recipe Pro team asked that we honor any previous licenses that their customers purchased, which we happily agreed to do.

Here's how that works…

Starting March 1, Simple Recipe Pro customers will be given the opportunity to transfer their license from Simple Recipe Pro to Tasty Recipes. This license transfer must be completed by June 1 to ensure continued support for Simple Recipe Pro customers.

After June 1, Simple Recipe Pro customers can still purchase Tasty Recipes and use the Simple Recipe Pro converter, but you'll no longer be able to take advantage of transferring your Simple Recipe Pro license. Also on June 1, the Simple Recipe Pro team will stop supporting their plugin.

WP Tasty will not be merging any of the Simple Recipe Pro code into our plugin, and we will not be providing any support for the Simple Recipe Pro plugin. Instead, customers who decide to transition over to Tasty Recipes will get support during this transition and after with their Tasty Recipes plugin.

We're so excited to welcome Simple Recipe Pro customers into the WP Tasty family. We can't wait to meet you and continue to help your business thrive with Tasty Recipes!